December 9, 2015

About Us

We make a measurable difference

The team at Passport for Good is passionate about two things: making a difference in the world and measuring its impact. We believe in the lifelong value of community service and our main goal is to help empower volunteers by using our data to showcase to themselves, and to the world, the stamp their service makes on society.

With our software, individuals, families and organizations all benefit. Each person can chronicle their journey in the community, digitally stamping their passport on each community service adventure. By registering as a member of an organization, whether it be your school, workplace or church, your individual journey adds clout to that organization’s overall impact. You or your organization can showcase this data any way you choose!

Our Team

We have a multi-generational team with expertise in nonprofit, social media, marketing, engineering, and education sectors. We are grateful every day for our community partners, advisors, supporters, and board members who share our value and commitment to giving back.


Our Story

Stay tuned to find out more about the people behind Passport for Good. Right now, we’re focused on building the best tools we can to empower your volunteerism.