Three Cheers for “Selfish” Service

“I’m happy to be a worker bee,” my friend said as we contemplated the latest plea for parent volunteers. “Just don’t ask me to organize anything!” Our daughters, now in high school, had participated in many of the same activities since kindergarten. I can’t even remember if this particular request was for Girl Scouts, or[…]

Why We Walk: Stepping Up to Support Charity

With better weather, and folks eager to get outdoors after a long winter, spring is the perfect season to support a charity walk or run. These community events offer a fun way for people to learn more about an issue, express their collective support for a cause they care about, and become part of a[…]

Tips for an Awesome College Essay

Crafting the perfect college essay is a common source of stress for students and parents. It can be daunting to choose a unique topic that resonates with your college of choice and showcases you as a not just a student, but as a person. We have some tips to help.