How Passport For Good Works

Doing Good Here For Students, Schools and Community

Good For Student Engagement and Wellness

Encourages volunteerism, awareness of greater problems to solve, and connection with school, family and community. Volunteering improves mental health and wellness.

Good For College, Career and Civic Readiness

New measures for compliance with the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Provides verified transcript of community service, career, and civic involvement locally and globally

Good For Student Equity

Supports the whole student, inclusion, anti-bias and anti-bullying projects, captures meaningful contributions to home, school and community.

Good For Community Engagement

Enhances community non-profit and business connections; highlights individual and collective impact for reports to school board and taxpayers.

Good For School Climate

Inspires individual and collective good, inclusion, relationships, and promotes a positive culture of compassion and caring.