September 14, 2018

Passport for Good @ NYSCOSS

Welcome to Attendees of the NYSCOSS Fall Leadership Summit!

Passport for Good is excited to meet you! We are the only statewide BOCES aid approved software for student and community engagement.

Passport for Good is a software that provides a safe, easy-to-use mobile app for students to encourage, celebrate and capture community service, internships and other experience outside of the classroom. We are a student-led platform with no major software adoption! We provide schools with new data that was previously underreported or lost using burdensome paper tracking. Studies show that individuals that are more engaged enjoy higher levels of well-being, and the Passport for Good platform also helps them to complete a robust profile for college applications and career.

Schools on the Passport for Good platform have dashboards to learn more about student experiences and to showcase the positive impact they make in their community.

Where can you find us at NYSCOSS?

Sunday and Monday Trade Show

Passport for Good Will be Next to Registration! (Table # 7)

Leadership Dinner!

Sunday at 6:30 pm – Founder Gayle Farman and Co-Founder Steve Gonick look forward to meeting you there

Monday: Game Changing Session: Meet Our Student Leaders

Monday 2:30 pm Meeting Room 1 Saratoga Springs City Center
Sit in the “speed dating” seats to learn more about Passport for Good from our team, including student leaders

This is what we HEAR from the schools using Passport for Good

“Passport for Good is a ‘game changer’ for all students by providing them with a positive opportunity to capture their community experience and to reflect on the impact they are making…..This is the perfect time for an individualized and positive software solution like Passport for Good. Its use will promote the value of meaningful learning outside the classroom, and will provide schools with important data we have never had before so that we can make a greater impact on our communities.”
Kaweeda G. Adams
Superintendent of Schools, City School District of Albany
“P4G is aligned with our mission to develop a student body of citizens who are part of a bigger community. The software provides students with a longitudinal profile of community service, internships, fundraising, donations, research hours, and other good that was previously lost using paper tracking systems. P4G provides schools with easy monitoring of service requirements, and new data to show the value and impact of student service, and to better address community need….Passport for Good has a tremendous benefit for the students and school.“
Jody Monroe
Superintendent of Schools, Bethlehem Central School District