Administrators’ Guide to 

Measure Student Engagement

6 Critical Resources to
Build an Effective Strategy

What’s in the guide:

  • Collection of the most effective resources administrators deem critical to accurately measure student engagement.
  • How to combat the challenges of limited resources and personnel by selecting a digital solution that streamlines your process and frees up valuable personnel time.
  • Tools to help you select the most appropriate service recording platform that is best suited for your district’s measurement objectives.
  • How to easily transition from the inconsistencies of traditional paper methods to a reliable digital platform
  • Why incorporating Social-Emotional Learning into your strategy will lead to increased student engagement and provide greater insight on where to shift valuable resources.
  • How not having a method to consistently review data can lead to missed opportunities in critical resource allocation, and ways you can remedy these issues.

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Administrators' Guide to Measure Student Engagement

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