December 9, 2015

About Us

We Make a Measurable Difference

The team at Passport for Good is passionate about two things: making a difference in the world and measuring its impact. We believe in the lifelong value of community service and our main goal is to help empower volunteers by using data to showcase to themselves, and to the world, the stamp their service makes on society.

With our software and through our website and our mobile application by way of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, individuals, families and organizations all benefit. Each person can chronicle their journey in the community, digitally stamping their passport on each community service adventure. By registering through an organization or an individual user,  whether it be your school, workplace or church, your individual journey adds clout to that organization’s overall impact. You or your organization can showcase this data any way you choose!

Meet our team

Our Values

We strive to live the value of “Doing Good Here.”

Doing Good in Our World

We will do good every day by bringing people together in a way that encourages a socially positive world and a sustainable environment.

Doing Good in Our Communities

We will serve our communities by encouraging and connecting individuals and groups to meaningful opportunities through which they can make a positive impact. We will encourage our employees to engage in what they believe in, act locally and make their community a better place to live.

Doing Good for Our Employees

We will inspire you to work hard and be better people because of the work you do. We will provide a fun, inclusive, invigorating and healthy and safe work environment. We will encourage teamwork based on open and honest communication, while showing concern and support for each other in a way that brings out the best in each of us. We will celebrate creativity, innovation, passion and authenticity. We will respect your obligations to others outside of the workplace. We will pay you a fair wage in return for your commitment to do good work and support the company’s goals.

Doing Good for Our Business Partners

We will treat your business needs with the same importance as our business needs. We will negotiate fair arrangements for the services we provide. We will hold ourselves, our products and services to the highest standards for quality, and we will seek to learn continuously about how we can improve. We will honor our agreements.  We will expect you to work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, holding you to the same ethical compass to which we hold ourselves.

Doing Good for Our Shareholders

We will strive to make a sound profit in exchange for the services we provide.  We will be accountable for the mistakes that we make and aim to correct them.  We will responsibly manage our corporate assets.  If we operate by these principles, our shareholders should realize a fair return on their investment.