October 27, 2016

Our Team

October 27, 2016

We have a multi-generational team with expertise in nonprofit, social media, marketing, engineering, and education sectors. We are grateful every day for our community partners, advisors, supporters, and board members who share our value and commitment to giving back.

Gayle Farman

Motivators: Family, doing good, positivity, community need, lifelong learning, inclusion, creativity, teamwork, making a sustainable impact on the world.

Happiest When:  My 100-year-old home is filled with the warmth and laughter of my husband, twin daughters, the people we love, live music, and great food

Extras:  I Love Lucy, (Fake) blonde moments, girls weekends, Broadway, Keith Haring, double faults, James Taylor, speed bag, The Capes, A Cappella, happy tears

Passport For Good’s Founder and President, Gayle Farman, passed away on March 25, 2020. Gayle was diagnosed with cancer in late January 2020, and the disease took her from us far too quickly.

Gayle was a passionate leader, advocate, and champion for inclusion. As a parent of two daughters and an active volunteer on non-profit community boards, she observed that there was no easy solution for students and schools to capture the positive impact in and outside the classroom. To achieve this, Gayle founded Passport For Good in 2015. The platform has provided a digital solution to chronicle, measure, and celebrate community engagement, extracurricular activities, and career development for schools across New York State and beyond.

Before founding Passport For Good, Gayle enjoyed a successful 25-year career as a non-profit leader, focusing on advocacy and resource development for health care, developmental disabilities, long-term care, and behavioral health care. She secured and directed more than $5 million in workforce retraining, emergency preparedness, and quality improvement grants in the health and human services sectors.

Gayle was a force for good in this world, and her way of making everyone feel needed and appreciated touched us all profoundly.

Steve Gonick

Motivators: Trying to leave the world in better shape than I found it, rooting for and helping underdogs, working with people who do not necessarily see talent in themselves, coaching the next generation of leaders, putting my money where my mouth is.

Happiest when: I have a thoughtful conversation with my wonderful wife and daughters, usually at dinner time with a wonderful meal that we prepared.

Extras:  Summers on Long Island, Wine Enthusiast, Ithaca College and Emma Willard School Trustee, NY Yankees and Jets, movies, Gilmore Girls and the Simpsons...but only with my daughters.

Steve Cina

Motivators: Creativity. Passion. These are two of the most important things that have driven me throughout my career. With a foundation in business leadership, business development, and marketing, I found my true "calling" with strategic business planning. I thrive on helping businesses improve through innovative marketing strategies based on clear, value-based branding, strong market positioning, unique content, and the ability to "stand out from the crowd".

Happiest When: I'm happiest when I'm part of a team.  I love collaborating, sharing ideas, and creating strategies to help solve problems. Put me in a room with innovative thinkers and I feel right at home.

Extras: I'm a proud father of 2 girls, and happily married to my high school sweetheart. You can often find me on the golf course, behind a piano, or mixing a fun drink on a summer day.

Mary Alice Riley

Motivators: Agape, each new day, family, intimate dinners for 30, people who challenge my thinking, being told I cannot do something, finding compassion in the middle of storms

Happiest When: At the lake with family and friends, having breakfast with my penguin sisters, doing anything with the wee ones in our family, reading political thrillers, strolling at 90 mph around NYC, lazy Sundays reading a week's worth of newspapers with my husband, sitting in the car listening to the rain

Extras: All things shoes, dancing and singing to ABBA, cannot get enough chocolate in this lifetime, I can trip over a feather, I'm a lefty!

Chris Scavo

Motivators: Continually learning, striving to be a better person, believer in servant leadership, creativity, teamwork, making my clients lives better.

Happiest When: At home enjoying time with my wife, playing with our very lovey puppies.

Extras: Live music, craft cocktails, traveling, Mexican food, dart enthusiast, Harry Potter, Dave Matthews Band, Marvel movies, enjoying life any way I can.

Russell Clarvoe

Motivators: Family, teamwork, craftsmanship

Happiest when: Getting outdoors with my family, hiking, working or playing

Extras:  Guitar, photography and cooking

Jenny Marshall

Motivators: Learning new things, being able to help others

Happiest When: When I get to spend time together with all my friends and family

Extras: All movies, binge-worthy TV, live music/concerts, new/unique food

Josh Hamilton

Motivators: Learning new skills and using them proficiently to see a positive outcome. My sister-in-law who was an Air Rescue Swimmer in the U.S. Navy.

Happiest When: Seeing my newborn son smile while on Zoom meetings. Spinning multiple plates at the same time. Knowing when to react, preventing them from falling over. Making lasting connections with others to foster relationships for the betterment of organizations and the community.

Extras: 1st-time homeowner, lifetime home improver. If I’m not in Upstate New York, I’m getting lost in the backroads of Vermont. Apple Music is my jam but podcasts are my life. Favorite sport is Football but would love to see the Mets win a World Series in my lifetime.

Mary Hackett

Motivators: My daughter. Self Mastery and growth. Passion. Inspiring others. Setting a positive example for the future generations to come.

Happiest When: I am spending time with my daughter, family, and friends. Enjoying the beach and relaxing under the sun, working out at the gym, attending Zumba/kickboxing classes, and putting in the work to drive towards my goal.

Extras: Love to travel. I come from a very big Irish Family. I love public speaking and presenting. I competed in Irish dancing for years, love listening to Irish and country music. During the summer, I attend tons of country concerts. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

Lisa Rudley

Motivators: Advocating for the greater good. Paying it forward. Empowering others to reach for their dreams.

Happiest When: My three children are spreading their wings and experiencing all that life has to offer.  Cycling on the roads of Westchester, especially during the height of the fall foliage. Spending time with old friends and making great new ones.

Extras: Genesis, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Brené Brown, Reiki, and Rocky Road ice cream.

Max Goldstein

Motivators: Making a positive difference in the world in any way I can, the world has too many disenfranchised individuals and I can envision a world where that can change, and doing my part on a micro-scale makes me think that macro change can happen!

Happiest When: Working to create a more positive world. In the gym lifting more than my body weight. Blasting bass-heavy music in my ears at a volume that Apple considers "harmful" to my ears health.

Extras: Lover of anything and everything science fiction. Kicking it back on the weekends looking for something novel to try. Hiking somewhere pretty. Bitcoin Maximalist.