October 27, 2016

Our Team

We have a multi-generational team with expertise in nonprofit, social media, marketing, engineering, and education sectors. We are grateful every day for our community partners, advisors, supporters, and board members who share our value and commitment to giving back.

Gayle Farman

Motivators: Family, Doing Good, Positivity, Community Need, Lifelong Learning, Inclusion, Creativity, Teamwork, Making a Sustainable Impact on the World.

Happiest When:  My 100 year-old home is filled with the warmth and laughter of my husband, twin 18 year old daughters, the people we love, live music, and great food.

Extras:  I Love Lucy, (Fake) Blond Moments, Girls Week-ends, Broadway, Keith Haring, Double Faults, James Taylor, Speed Bag, The Capes, A Cappella, Happy Tears.



Steve Gonick

Motivators: Trying to leave the world in better shape than I found it, rooting for and helping underdogs, working with people who do not necessarily see talent in themselves, coaching the next generation of leaders, putting my money where my mouth is.

Happiest when: I have a thoughtful conversation with my wonderful wife and daughters, usually at dinner time with a wonderful meal that we prepared.

Extras:  Summers on Long Island, Wine Enthusiast, Ithaca College and Emma Willard School Trustee, NY Yankees and Jets, movies, Gilmore Girls and the Simpsons...but only with my daughters.



Lynne Lapham

Motivators:  Being around smart good people, having dinner with my family every evening, having a great husband who continually asks why and two great children who are still not too old to give me a hug.

Happiest when: I am traveling with my family! Love the National Parks; Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce. Give me a day on Mt. Rainier, the Eiffel Tower at dusk, a tapas meal in Seville or just a day at the lake and I am happy!

Extras: Marvel Movies, Bruce Springsteen, Cocktails, High School Football and Field Hockey, goofy dogs, the Patriots and yes, the Red Sox

Alan Dai

Motivators: Family, Community, Social Justice, Inclusion, Public Good

Happiest When: I wake up on a Saturday morning to the smell of my mom’s cooking.

Extras: Books, Fashion, Basketball


Sandra Sgambati

Motivators: Seeing others smiling, a full dinner table with family and friends, making a difference, people who can laugh at themselves, amazing presenters, creativity, doing good and making things easier for others

Happiest when: Doing anything with my 6 sons, boating on Lake George with my boyfriend, camping on the Lake George Islands with family, friends and loved ones, exploring Disney, hearing my sons say “Thanks for making us do this, it was a lot of fun”, enjoying family beach time in Glouchester, MA., walking through the forest and taking in earths beauty, snuggling with my family on the couch watching a good movie, realizing I can do it myself.

Extras:  Everything Star Wars, corny 80s movies/music, campfires and scary stories, Halloween, Led Zeppelin, all live music and peanut butter

Russell Clarvoe

Motivators: Family, teamwork, craftsmanship

Happiest when: Getting outdoors with my family, hiking, working or playing

Extras:  Guitar, photography and cooking

Josh Hamilton

Motivators: Learning new skills and using them proficiently to see a positive outcome. My sister-in-law who was an Air Rescue Swimmer in the US Navy.

Happiest When: Riding my bicycle to the office. Spinning multiple plates at the same time. Knowing when to react, preventing them from falling over. Making lasting connections with others to foster relationships for the betterment of organizations and the community.

Extras: 1st time home owner, lifetime home improver. If I’m not in Upstate NY I’m getting lost in the backroads of VT. Apple Music is my jam but podcasts are my life. Favorite Sport is Football but would love to see the Mets win a World Series in my lifetime.

Jeff Brown

Motivators: Accomplishing things when others say it can’t be done. Things I am passionate about and my family.

Happiest When: I am watching my 3 kids play sports, on vacation with my family and when the St. Louis Cardinals are winning!!!

Extras:  I love Maine (where I was born), Winter, campfires and great music. Enjoy being with family and friends.

John Bleichert

Motivators: Building, learning, creating and playing. I learn something new every day.

Happiest When: Snowed in and huddled around the fireplace with Michele and our quadrupedal family.

Extras: Video and board games, cooking, playing guitar and running.

Jeff Masline

Motivators: Being an advocate for all children. Peace, love, and understanding.

Happiest When: On Ogunquit beach with all of my girls and Marley.  Entertaining family during the holidays. Walking the Marginal Way at sunrise having coffee with my wife. Hearing children play outside.

Extras: Humbly serve as Board President for the Menands School community. European Soccer fanatic. Everything Dogs. The Beatles. Sunrises over Sunsets. Malbec. The Mets. Struggling Zen Buddhist. 80's movies. Lifelong tortured Bills fan. Dad to Emily and Allison.

Lisa Rudley

Motivators: Advocating for the greater good. Paying it forward. Empowering others to reach for their dreams.

Happiest When: My three children are spreading their wings and experiencing all that life has to offer.  Cycling on the roads of Westchester, especially during the height of the fall foliage. Spending time with old friends and making great new ones.

Extras: Genesis, Sting, Dave Matthews Band, Brené Brown, Reiki & Rocky Road ice cream.

Jenny Marshall

Motivators: Learning New Things, Being Able to Help Others

Happiest When: When I get to spend time together with all my friends & family.

Extras: All movies, binge-worthy TV, live music/concerts, new/unique food.

Abdul Muthuvappa

Motivators: Waking up every day with a purpose, Striving for Excellence and making my parents proud!

Happiest When: Spending quality time with Friends & Family!

Extras: Grateful for everything God has gifted me with, taking the time to fully enjoy my favorite food whenever I have the chance, enjoying hot summer days, long drives to new places, LA Lakers are my favorite sports team, getting a good night’s sleep.