2021 Year In Review

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What an Incredible Year!

Thank you for all your support as we continue to navigate through the challenges that we all have been facing over the past year. We’d like to take this time to share some of the great accomplishments P4G has made during 2021. These successes would not have been possible without our dedicated team, our customers, and partners in schools and businesses throughout New York State and beyond. So without further ado, let’s run through some of the milestones we’ve crossed, and if you read on till the end…we will provide a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2022!


The Passport For Good Team

Notable Accomplishments

Passport For Good Growth
Our Customer Success Team has been hard at work in 2021 partnering with school districts to expand and promote Passport For Good throughout each building. This expansion includes Brewster Central School District’s H.H. Wells Middle School and Sachem Central School District’s Sagamore, Samoset, and Seneca Middle Schools. In the past year, we’ve expanded outside of New York State. Passport For Good has seen success in the South Carolina Governor’s School of Science & Mathematics (GSSM). Check out what our “Heroes” from Henry H. Wells Middle School and GSSM have to say about their experience with Passport For Good below!

UI Redesign
Earlier this year, our easy-to-use student engagement platform got an even better user interface! Our focus was to help create an even easier user and admin experience with a newer mobile-friendly interface that provides schools with insights specifically into which students are engaged and which are not, how they are engaged, and most importantly how they are feeling in real-time. This powerful data helps schools make faster and smarter decisions that ultimately drive better student outcomes.

P4G Success

First Year of Project Skills
Passport For Good is proud to report on the incredible work our schools have accomplished with Project Skills! In the last 12 months, P4G was able to capture and measure Project Skills relating to the following critical skills listed below:

Project Skills Pie Chart2

Students can capture their projects inside and outside of the classroom by utilizing a customizable list of social and emotional skills. Passport For Good’s P.A.S.S. module allows students to be able to see their past projects and see their growth of skills throughout their academic career. With unlimited storage and the ability to attach multiple types of documents, P4G is the perfect platform to measure students’ growth in projects and skills. This year alone students captured over 600 Project Skills which collectively utilized critical skills that prepare students to be college, career, and civic ready.

Incredible Capabilities to Manage Wellness Programs

This past year we started working with businesses to help quantify and measure their Wellness Programs, helping to provide insight into data they never had before; such as which participants partially completed the program versus fully completed, insured vs. uninsured, which metrics were the most popular, attendance and completion of designated webinars, and different monthly team & individual challenges. Some metrics that were captured were:

Hours of Wellness Activities: 44,114,620

Ounces of Water Consumed: 187,926

Total Steps Taken: 43,918,946

Summary of Student Involvement with Passport For Good

The heart of Passport For Good’s mission is to capture each student’s activity both in and outside of the classroom to create better student outcomes while preparing them to become college, career, and civic ready. Here is a summary of student’s who have captured community service, participation in clubs and groups, and career development hours for 2021.

Career Development
Clubs & Groups Participation
Community Service

The Road Ahead in 2022

Giving Parents & Families Access

In 2022, we will add functionality that enhances family involvement in their child’s engagement with their school and community. New features will allow parents to view their child’s progress towards goals and achievements, manage upcoming events, aid in critical skill development, and collaborate on participation to enhance their child’s educational journey.

Strengthening Communication Capabilities

This year, we will be enhancing communication capabilities within Passport For Good. Stronger communication within organizations drives increased participation in activities, events, and the platform as a whole. Some of the areas we are looking to address include organization-wide notifications, group-level alerts when a new event is created, and communication for event registrants.

Enhancing Management of Resources

Not every school or business operates on one campus. Managing program initiatives should be simple regardless of whether your organization is on one floor of a building, spread across multiple campuses, or across the country. Passport For Good has always focused on making engagement easier for our users. This year we will be looking to add new multi-location functionality allowing you to manage all engagement initiatives in one location without the need for separate logins or accounts.

These exciting features are just the tip of the iceberg for Passport For Good in 2022. We have so many new and incredible enhancements planned! Schedule a demo today and connect with us on our social media channels below to be part of 2022 with us!

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