August 24, 2021

Student Digital Portfolio

As the college and career landscape becomes more competitive, the need to showcase non-academic activities and achievements grows.


By enabling students to highlight their extracurricular achievements, Passport For Good’s Digital Portfolio paves the way for students to showcase the impact their contributions have made on their school and community. As a result, students are recognized and celebrated for their community service, extracurricular, and career development activities and are able to showcase their achievements for college, scholarship, and career pursuits.

Through Passport For Good’s, web-based, and mobile-friendly platform, students have the ability to:

  • Capture volunteer hours
  • Chronicle their experience
  • Measure the impact of their participation

Because this is a student-driven program, participants are equipped with an invaluable tool that supports their post-academic journey and beyond.

“A digital non-academic transcript that highlights the whole student perspective for college and career readiness.”

Empower your Students with the Tools Necessary to Drive Future Success.

Traditional Transcripts Lack Whole Student Perspective

Student success has traditionally been gauged by standardized test scores, grades, GPAs, and class rankings. At the end of an academic journey, a student is given a transcript as a reflection of their academic success. As they prepare for the next steps of college and career readiness, the transcript becomes an invaluable piece of information that showcases their academic performance.

While a traditional transcript provides a clear view of how well a student performed academically, it misses the mark on an increasingly important facet of a student’s overall educational success – the social and emotional development.

Civic and community engagement are vital cogs in college and career readiness. However, students are tasked with the burden of recording their own involvement throughout their entire academic career. The results?

  • Untracked or inaccurate service hours
  • Difficulty recalling past experiences and events
  • Community involvement is viewed as a task rather than a valuable experience.
  • Lack of self-reflection and recognition on the impact of their contributions.
  • Inequitable situations arise as important skills, activities, and community involvement go unnoticed and unrecognized within the school community.
  • Engagement suffers as students are left feeling unmotivated and unrecognized.

Digital Portfolios Support the Whole Student Perspective

With Passport For Good, students can easily record service hours and chronicle their community and extracurricular participation throughout their academic journey. In doing so, they are provided with an invaluable tool they can take with them beyond their academic career – a Student Passport!
Student Passport

Passport For Good’s Student Passport is a digital non-academic transcript that highlights the whole student perspective for college and career readiness. It provides a detailed snapshot of a student’s service journey that showcases the culmination of hours, organizations, and events the student has acquired throughout their academic career.

Much like an academic transcript, the Student Passport is a verified non-academic transcript that can be used to support college applications, scholarships, and career pursuits. It is easily exported into a tangible PDF that is ready to showcase a student’s impact in their school and community.

“Passport for Good gives me a record of who I am as a person, and the impact I make in the community so that I can stand out when applying for college!”

Student Passport Features

  • Holistic Visual Representation of Student Accomplishments Captures all student engagement including community service, awards, work-based learning, extracurriculars, class projects, and more.
  • Verified Stamped Hours Students have a real-time and historical view of all verified service hours. Students can easily reflect on what area they have spent their participation hours on the most.
  • Recognizes Affiliations Displays all organizations, clubs, and activities students are involved with.
  • Provides a Whole Student Perspective Students’ areas of passion are highlighted, recognized, and celebrated.
  • Personalized Dashboard Students can add a profile picture, journal entries, and project photos to personalize their digital passports.
  • Easily Accessible Students maintain access to their Passport activity throughout their academic career and beyond. Passports can be easily accessed via web platform or mobile device and can be exported into a tangible PDF.

Passport For Good’s digital portfolio captures tangible student engagement in a visually appealing and useful way while connecting students to the meaning and purpose of school and community. The Result? A student who is empowered with the tools, skills, and mindset needed to continue a lifetime of doing good.

Fuel Student Engagement and Empower Students With The Tools They Need For College, Career, and Life Readiness.

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