July 29, 2021

How It Works

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What is Passport For Good?

Passport For Good is an innovative, mobile-friendly web-based platform that is revolutionizing how student engagement is captured and measured within the school and community. Through an intuitive digital platform, educators and students are equipped with real-time data that empowers them to make informed decisions to fuel better outcomes, an area that has long been neglected.

Passport For Good provides meaningful data by measuring and quantifying the following objectives:

Student Engagement

Social and Emotional Learning

College, Career, and Civic Readiness

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Why It Works

The above objectives are accomplished by providing opportunities for all students (even those more on the shy side) to readily find groups they might not have otherwise known about. Data is collected by chronicling students’ community service, career development, and participation in extracurricular activities. Since information is captured in real-time in one central portal, there is no more waiting on requests for paper reports, getting only a fraction of them submitted, and having an incomplete picture to make quantifiable decisions.

The Set-up

Implementation is efficient and effective. We work with you to load your district events, organizations, groups, and clubs with the proper settings for a seamless kick-off. Customizable modules will be set-up to measure your desired data, such as:

Participation Hours

Participation Hours

Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours

Career Development Hours

Career Development Hours

Project Skills

Project Skills

We can even backload students’ previously logged hours so historical data established before signing up for Passport For Good is not lost.

Once configuration is completed, students are driving the activity. Our Onboarding team can have a school up and running in as little as 2 weeks!

Creating Digital Portfolios

Students access their web-based portfolios through a single entry point. Under their profile, they build their non-academic portfolios. This can include:

Volunteer Hours

Club Memberships

Group Associations

Other Extracurriculars

Seeing Is Believing

Find out how Passport For Good can benefit your students and school. Get a peek behind the scenes by scheduling your free, custom product demo.

Not only does Passport For Good catalog a complete repository of past experiences, but it also provides opportunities to:

Register For Events

Register for Future Events

Record Hours

Record Hours Spent on Extracurricular Activities

Track Progress

Measure Progress of Goal Benchmarks Set

Add Notes

Add Notes to Individual Events

Excerpts of this information can be readily pulled for resumes, scholarships, college and job applications. In addition, the aggregate data entered by students provides complete visibility into how students are engaging.

Exporting Digital Portfolios

The culmination of hours, organizations, and events logged into Passport For Good’s web-based platform can easily be showcased with a simple PDF export feature. This provides a holistic, visual representation of how the individual student uses their time outside the classroom.

Student Passports

Learn more by taking a peek behind the scenes. Schedule your free, custom demo.

Administration Utilization

Behind the scenes, data can be analyzed on a macro level to measure a student body’s actual engagement. Passport For Good has been specifically designed to equip administrators with real time data that drives:

Better Allocate Resources

Better resource allocation

Apply for More Grants and Funding

Increases access to grants and funding

Access Real-time Dynamic Feedback

Real-time dynamic feedback to fuel better student outcomes

For example, the data captured within the digital portfolio can be segmented to show:

Which students were signing up for activities, but then stopped.

Which students are overdoing it in extracurriculars and academics are suffering as a result.

How many event sign-ups took place for a specific event.

How many students were “new engagers”.

Statistic Dashboard iPad

Intervention pathways can then be executed for these groups.

Privacy & Safety

Passport For Good adheres to strict safeguards and standards to ensure students’ information is kept private.

We meet all requirements for COPPA and FERPA compliance in accordance with New York State Ed Law 2D.


From Day 1, we walk with you every step of the way. This platform is robust. The more it is utilized, the more student engagement and the better the data administrators will have at their disposal for decision making.

Beyond set-up and implementation, you will have multiple options available to you through our Help Center, including:



Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base



Have An Idea

Have an Idea

The Passport For Good Platform has been specifically designed for students, teachers, and administrators to use as a core tool in advancing student engagement, social & emotional learning, and civic readiness. If you have an idea on how we can make improvements, we would love to hear!


The primary purpose of Passport For Good is to elevate and expand civic learning and engagement by leveraging technology and social networks. Results have shown increased student engagement and more students trying new things by having access to the Passport For Good Platform.

Ready to Learn How Passport For Good Can Work For You?

Seeing Is Believing

Find out how Passport For Good can benefit your students and school. Get a peek behind the scenes by scheduling your free, custom product demo.

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What People Are Saying

“Passport for Good is a game-changer by giving students a positive way to document their service experience and to reflect on the impact they are making.”

Kaweeda G. Adams
Superintendent of Schools
City of Albany School District