December 9, 2015


Volunteers are two to three times more likely to become donors to the nonprofit organization.

Nonprofits rely on volunteers to provide critical support for their programs and services.  It is essential for nonprofits to create a culture that values its volunteers.

Passport For Good offers nonprofits a simple centralized software solution for maintaining records on events, volunteer contributions, authentication of volunteer hours, thanking volunteers, and essential data for reporting program experience and value. This tool can easily be used by itself or with existing support systems.

This solution supports volunteer recruitment, recognition, and retention by connecting with volunteers directly about their impact on the mission.  Nonprofits will have data they need to support their return on investment (ROI) in reports to their boards of directors, and to secure future grants and donations.

Now we have an easier way to connect with our volunteers, get feedback from them about their experience, and meet their needs to sustain their involvement long-term.

Doing Good With Nonprofits

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