Join Us at the 2021 NYSCOSS Fall Leadership Summit!

Passport For Good is a fun, mobile-friendly, student-driven engagement platform designed to capture and measure activities in and out of the classroom including  community service, extracurriculars, career development, projects, activities and critical skills. Students are able to easily build a digital portfolio of their activities that include their own personal ratings and reflections to journal how these activities made them feel while they progressed towards their goals. Districts receive real-time engagement data identifying engaged and non-engaged students, how students are engaged and how they are feeling in real-time, helping them to make smarter faster decisions that drive better student outcomes.

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Join our session:

Understanding The Whole Child, Empowering The Whole Student Experience

3pm-4pm on Monday, September 27th in Saratoga Ballroom 3

We are honored to be joined by Kaweeda G. Adams Superintendent of Schools, City School District of Albany, for an engaging conversation about the importance of understanding the whole student.

Understanding the “Whole Student Experience” is fundamental when supporting and measuring equity in our school districts. As we acknowledge that every child is unique, educators are tasked with the responsibility to foster inclusivity throughout a student’s academic journey. In a world where every child has different needs, how do we highlight each student to establish, shape, and celebrate their uniqueness? How do we prioritize the importance of inclusive instruction and activities in our schools? If we profoundly address each student’s needs through social-emotional learning, diversity, inclusivity, and active engagement, we will not only understand the “Whole Child”, but we also unlock the potential for future leaders to be college and career-ready citizens of the world.

Attend this powerful session to learn more about:

  • Discovering the elements of “The Whole Student”
  • Identifying how we can support and build inclusivity
  • Understanding the tenets of inclusive instruction & activities
  • Learning from the experiences of the City School District of Albany

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