December 9, 2015


Leaders of schools seek to create a culture of good citizenship through the integration of character education and service learning programs, clubs, and sports teams that connect students to community need, action and learning.

This experience changes how students view themselves and others, fosters lifelong responsibility, and develops people skills and work experience for future careers.

Passport for Good is a simple software solution that supports established volunteer and community service programs, offers long term personal tracking of volunteer hours, automates authentication of volunteer hours, and provides aggregated data about the impact that volunteering has on communities.

In addition to providing value for the student, Passport for Good demonstrates the significant value that schools bring to the community. The result is greater engagement by faculty, staff, families, taxpayers, local businesses and community nonprofits.

Passport for Good is aligned with the service learning philosophy that students tend to learn and retain information more effectively when they can practice their knowledge through the cycle of action and reflection.