May 3, 2022

The Complete Seal of Civic Readiness Solution

If your school district has applied for the Seal of Civic Readiness, how are you planning on managing and measuring student progress through the pathway?  Passport For Good’s Civic Readiness module does just that. 

Students can easily upload their projects and activities while documenting their time spent in service learning, while seeing how they are progressing towards their goals. Passport For Good calculates the points for both the academic and experiential aspects of the pathway, making it simple for both students and educators to keep track of their progress – all in real-time!

Passport For Good’s Seal of Civic Readiness solution has been specifically designed to equip administrators with real-time data that drives:

Better Allocate Resources

Unification of Systems

Easily import course and exam results to automatically credit students with Category achievements. Integrations to Student Management Systems ensure that all data remains accurate and up-to-date.

Access Real-time Dynamic Feedback

Student-Driven Projects

Students are able to demonstrate their proficiency in civic knowledge by recording their service to community and work-based learning efforts, as well as quickly manage their Capstone projects with our Projects and Skills Solution.

Apply for More Grants and Funding

Data Analytics & Reporting

View student participation in real-time for a complete picture on program success and goal progress. Understand how your district is performing to easily and effectively share reports with the State.

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the Seal of Civic Readiness

Passport For Good is a student engagement platform designed to capture activities both in and out of the classroom including:

  • Service learning and community service
  • Extracurricular participation
  • Career development (including CTE and CDOS)
  • Projects and activities
  • Critical and emotional skills

Our web based application allows students to build a digital portfolio while highlighting their experiences throughout their scholastic journey.  The data captured also helps schools identify which students are engaged, how are they actually engaged, and how they are feeling during these experiences, all in real-time.