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What Is Passport For Good?

The need for comprehensive, accurate data is driving more informed decision-making. Passport For Good’s student digital portfolio is revolutionizing real-time engagement tracking through a single portal.

Passport For Good is an innovative, mobile-friendly web-based platform that provides quantifiable data on:

  • Student Engagement
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • College, Career, and Civic Readiness

Take a look at how Passport For Good helped accelerate student engagement in the 2020/2021 academic school year:

Students Reached


Accumulated Student Engagement Hours


Project Skills Captured

Why You Need It

Supporting the whole student experience, Passport For Good equips educators and students with the tools and data necessary to fuel a successful educational journey.


Students are equipped with real-time data and past reflections that highlight their accomplishments in an impactful way.


Educators are empowered with data that enables them to make meaningful and quantifiable decisions for their school community.


Administrators can better allocate resources, meet more funding and grant requirements, and get real-time dynamic feedback on activities from students.

How It Works

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Student Engagement

90% of K-12 superintendents agree student engagement is a very important measure of school effectiveness (over standardized testing)*

Passport For Good supports the whole student experience and drives engagement by providing students with a fun and useful way to capture their participation within the school and community.

Student Engagement
  • Students feel more recognized as often overlooked activities are finally given the chance to be recorded and celebrated by the school community.
  • Creates opportunities for inclusion. Students have the ability to connect and pursue areas of interest with like-minded peers.
  • Provides equitable opportunities. Students are celebrated for their unique accomplishments and successes.
  • Captures “whole student” data illustrating students’ value to the community through extracurricular activities, employment skills, and civic readiness.
  • Provides students with a verified nonacademic transcript, focusing on their strengths and contributions, to use for college applications, scholarships, and career pursuits.

Administrator Insights

Mass initiatives are being made to promote “whole child” development and student equity, but administrators are finding themselves with very limited data to measure the results of efforts.


Get 6 critical resources to build an effective strategy for measuring, cultivating, and celebrating “whole child” student development.

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With access to real, quantifiable stats, administrators can:

Better Allocate Resources

Better Allocate Resources

With quantifiable statistics on where students spend most of their time and what their greatest interests are, major pivots can be made on how to distribute stipends and people resources.

Apply for More Grants and Funding

Apply for More Grants and Funding

Open doors for more money to flow in by meeting submission requirements of actual data for funding and grants.

Access Real-time Dynamic Feedback

Access Real-time Dynamic Feedback

Student-driven reviews and ratings of activities open doors for more diverse, inclusive opportunities for ALL students.

Prevent Non-Engagement

Prevent Non-Engagement

Intervene more quickly with students who are falling through the cracks and becoming disengaged.

Student Passport

A digital non-academic transcript that highlights the whole student perspective for college and career readiness.

Passport For Good allows students to securely chronicle and export a verified nonacademic transcript, focusing on their strengths and contributions, to use for college applications, scholarships, and career pursuits.

Through capturing their engagement, students become better connected with the meaning and purpose of school and community needs and are better prepared for a lifetime of doing good.

Student Passport

Build Better Outcomes within your School Community.

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* Superintendents Say Engagement, Hope Best Measures of Success: Gallup.com | Gallup’s 2018 Survey of K-12 School District Superintendents