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The simple way to chronicle and highlight student engagement in the community.

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Inspire the Universe of Community Involvement

Passport for Good supports students’ college and career goals, while laying a firm foundation for their futures as good citizens. Completely paper free, the user-friendly app collects and verifies hours and reflections from a range of experiences in school and outside of school, redefining student success to include:

Highlight Their Accomplishments

Passport for Good allows students to securely chronicle and export a verified nonacademic transcript, focusing on their strengths and contributions, to use for college applications, career and scholarships.

As a result of capturing student engagement, students become better connected with the meaning and purpose of school and community needs and are better prepared for a lifetime of good.

Measure Your School District’s Impact

Passport for Good provides a centralized dashboard, which reports on the engagement of your students and highlights key metrics that enable you to take action on a broader level to reinforce and grow the impact of your student body.

Doing Good For Your Community

Your local community benefits from a more actively
engaged student body which leads to:

  • Increased civic engagement
  • Improved connectedness, mental health and wellness
  • Raised awareness and motivation to act and impact community needs
  • Sustained volunteerism and lifelong non-profit involvement
  • Elevated positive citizenship and student reflection on their experience
  • Opened pathways to careers and 21st Century skill development

Privacy Compliance and Certifications

NY Ed. Law §2-D


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