The Jewish World: ADL and Passport for Good join forces to support ADL anti bias programs

TROY – The Anti-defamation League (ADL) has joined forces with Passport for Good to utilize Passport for Good’s ability to verify and record community engagement activities of students and educators. ADL will use Passport for Good’s software platform to support its in-school programs “No Place for Hate®” and “A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute.”

“Passport for Good partners with organizations that are sanctioned by schools to provide high-quality educational and career-oriented programs, and use subject matter experts, community partners, teachers and volunteers to support them,” said Gayle Farman, Passport for Good founder and president. “ADL is a leading global anti-hate organization working to combat all forms of bias, bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination in schools and we are very proud to be supporting its efforts in engaging students.”

Passport for Good is a web and mobile app that supports students by encouraging and easily tracking community service, career development and participation in school and personal activities. Students are able to build a non-academic transcript of their engagement hours, obtain electronic verification of the hours, and export their non-academic transcript for class/graduation requirements and college applications/scholarships.

Dedicated participants in A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute and No Place for Hate® have been using the Passport for Good platform, which will allow school administrators to collect data about participation and attendance, community service activities and, for teachers, career development activities.

Participants in ADL programs will now receive “A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute” or “No Place for Hate ®” stamp on their passport program as a digital artifact of their experience.

“In Partnership with Passport for Good, we can increase the impact we have on schools, educators, students and families to fight bias, bigotry and prejudice,” said Evan R. Bernstein, ADL NY/NJ regional director. “This platform will help us expand our programs with more students and schools and will allow students to share the great work they are doing with those programs.”

Other Passport for Good affiliates include the New York State Parent Teacher Association and Junior Achievement, whose members also use the platform to support student and family engagement in school events.