To Gap or Not to Gap? That is the Question.

Students Face the Difficult Decision How to Move Forward with their College Plans in the Fall. What do Prince William, Steve Jobs, Malia Obama, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Darwin all have in common? They each took a gap year before continuing their academic studies. A small percentage of students opt to pursue volunteer or full-time Read more about To Gap or Not to Gap? That is the Question.[…]

Doing Good With New Features

Our teachers and Passport For Good Heroes spoke. We listened. We recently rolled out a new feature and we are working on another one that’s coming soon. Redesigned Stamp Submission Page Passport For Good Administrators and Supervisors now have complete visibility into submitted hours in one location thus simplifying the administrative process. No more going Read more about Doing Good With New Features[…]

Celebrating the 2019-20 School Year

The 2019-20 school year will definitely go down as a memorable one for our Passport For Good schools. School administrators and students shifted to remote learning practically overnight and it became the new norm. Life as we knew it came to a temporary standstill – community service requirements suspended, extracurricular activities to a screeching halt Read more about Celebrating the 2019-20 School Year[…]