5 Reasons Why a Digital Solution for Measuring Student Engagement is Vital to Your School

The future of education is not just about what you can teach, but also about how you can help students learn. Educators, school leaders, parents, and policymakers all agree student engagement is an important factor in fueling academic success.  Engaged students have higher rates of attendance, are curious and interested, and passionate about future college and career endeavors.  As student engagement remains a top priority in learning environments, educators are hyper-focused on ways to increase student participation both inside and outside of the classroom.  While there is a wealth of information and resources to assist in that area, the real challenge arises when it comes to measuring student engagement efforts. 

Without the correct tools in place, districts and educators are left guessing whether or not their efforts are actually working.  As a result, administrators have little data on where to direct valuable time and resources, and students continue to be disengaged when initiatives miss the mark.

School leaders and educators can support student engagement initiatives by implementing a data-driven digital solution that measures student engagement in a meaningful way.  Take a look at the top 5 reasons why a digital solution is vital for your school:

1. Better Resource Allocation

With access to real-time data through a press of a button, schools and districts can gain greater insight into what activities and interests students are engaged with and which ones they are not.  As a result, administrators can make major pivots on how to distribute stipends, better utilize people resources, and cut out wasted activities that are failing to make an impact.

2. Gateway to More Grants and Funding

With better data and statistics schools can identify grant and funding opportunities that align with their student engagement goals.  Schools that have greater insight into important statistics can easily meet submission requirements without delays due to incomplete or nonexistent data.

3. Non-engager Identification and Intervention

With real-time dynamic feedback, educators can identify when students are “falling through the cracks”, thereby allowing intervention to happen more quickly.  This is a valuable resource to have as educators can identify exactly where students are becoming disengaged and guide them toward activities that align with their interests.

4. Supports Whole Child and Student Equity Initiatives

With an increased focus on the whole child and student equity initiatives, schools that utilize data to capture student engagement have better insight on how to connect students with equitable opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  As a result, students are able to connect and pursue areas of interest with like-minded peers.

5. Comprehensive Data Colllection for Next Level Reporting

Data collection can get messy, especially when there are multiple methods in which it is collected.  Traditionally, schools have captured data through paper methods which can cause major delays in reporting, inaccurate data, and give an incomplete picture of what is being measured.  With a centralized digital solution, educators are equipped with real-time data that can be used to make informed and accurate decisions that increase the level of student engagement.


What is Passport For Good?

Support your student engagement efforts with an innovative, mobile-friendly web-based platform that is revolutionizing how student engagement is captured and measured within the school and community.  Through an intuitive digital platform, Passport For Good equips educators and students with real-time data empowering them to make informed decisions to fuel better outcomes.

Ready to Gain a Better Insight into your Student Engagement Efforts?