December 11, 2019

Podcasts and Presentations

‘Upstate on the Move’ highlights entrepreneurs making a difference in Upstate New York. It is hosted by Jack Carpenter and Bob Manasier, and produced by Richard Lin. This podcast is recorded at IgniteU NY in downtown Troy. 

Jack and Bob sat down with Gayle Farman, the Founder and President of Positivity at Passport for Good.


This One’s For…

Gayle Farman sat down with Peter Montesano in November 2019 for a candid interview about Passport for Good. Gayle shared Passport for Good’s story and how the company came about.


PFG Webinar
School Community Engagement: How Well are We Doing for ALL Kids?

This webinar presented by Gayle Farman discusses how school districts are focusing on ways to encourage, measure, and highlight student engagement as well as how Passport for Good can help with that.