Ten Skills You Can Develop as a Volunteer

by Robert Frederick When you volunteer, opportunities abound to develop skills – especially the 10 listed below.  The more you practice these skills, the more valuable you become as an employee and the more confident you will be when called upon to use them in the workplace.   Observing – Monitor and assessing the actions, behaviors,[…]

7.6 Billion Reasons Why

By Steve Gonick Chief of Belief, Co-Founder and Lead Investor When you reach a certain age, it’s natural to get a little philosophical: To take a long look back at where you’ve been, and to think hard about where you’re going. I like to think that I’ve gained some wisdom and perspective through the years.[…]

Three Cheers for “Selfish” Service

“I’m happy to be a worker bee,” my friend said as we contemplated the latest plea for parent volunteers. “Just don’t ask me to organize anything!” Our daughters, now in high school, had participated in many of the same activities since kindergarten. I can’t even remember if this particular request was for Girl Scouts, or[…]