Is Passport for Good Experiencing The Flywheel Effect?

by Gayle Farman

In the famous business book that Jim Collins published back in 2001, “Good to Great,” he introduced the concept of “The Flywheel Effect.” He described businesspeople who persevere – who keep pushing a flywheel persistently and inch it forward little by little. With continued great effort, the flywheel starts to gain momentum until they make a breakthrough. The flywheel starts to go faster and faster until it reaches almost unstoppable momentum.

“Was it the first push? The second? The fifth? The hundredth?” he wrote. “No! It was all of them added together in an overall accumulation of effort applied in a consistent direction.”

I have been thinking about Mr. Collins’ concept in recent weeks, because I feel like we may be experiencing the effect here at Passport for Good. A core team has been hard at work advancing the P4G since 2015, and that team has been persistent. And persistence pays off.

We will be announcing details in the coming months, but I will give you some hints now. We have inked a statewide contract. We have added some talented individuals to our team. Our upgraded mobile app will be unveiled this summer. We will be exhibiting at high-profile conferences. Our communications and sales efforts will become more sophisticated.

I want to express my gratitude to those of you who have been with me all along, helping me turn the flywheel. With more and more talented individuals at the wheel with us, I am confident that P4G will become unstoppable.  The world is hungry for kindness, and organizations want to become more accountable and more data-driven. The P4G solution meets these growing needs, using state-of-the-art technology to support community engagement.

I firmly believe that the time is ripe for wide-scale adoption of P4G, and I assure you that I – and a growing number of others — will continue to keep my hands on the flywheel.


More on Mr. Collins’ concept can be found here.